Thursday, July 21, 2016

Drinking With Dolly - Stephanie Quayle's New Video Empowers Female Singers

Is the party finally on? "Drinking With Dolly," the new single from Stephanie Quayle not only laments the classier past, but also the missing role of female country artists in today's bro-country environment.

Lament may be the wrong word, the song, written by singer/songwriters Victoria Banks and Rachel Proctor - as a team they also wrote Jessica Simpson's "Come On Over" and others - is actually more of a celebration of strong womanhood. While mentioning Jeannic C. Riley's take on Tom T. Hall's "Harper Valley PTA," Dolly (Parton), Tammy (Wynette), and Loretta (Lynn) are mentioned by name in the song. All three recorded several songs in the sixties and seventies about new roles for women - for instance, "Just Because I'm A Woman" by Dolly, "I Don't Wanna Play House" by Tammy, and "The Pill" by Loretta.

"Drinking with Dolly
After the Opry
Pour one for Tammy too
Put on my rhinestones
Paint up my nails
Kick up my dancing shoes
Hey there Loretta
Put a quarter in the jukebox
We'll sing along with you
We'll raise up a glass
Wish Patsy could be here too
To talk about men
Cuz that's what women do"

The song is not only a delight for strong women characters but also for fans of traditional country music. Producer Matt McClure did an excellent job of keeping it down and simple with an organic feel to it. There is actually some fiddle here and some pedabro (or is it just dobro) there. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the accurate musician's credits for this great recording.

In the five years since Stephanie Quayle moved to Nashville, she had several singles and videos released before, but none actually cracked the radio charts. But if you would like to hear that on your radio station, call your programmers up and tell them, you want to go "Drinking With Dolly."

★★★★(★)/★★★★★ (4½/5)

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